Easy Ways To Make Bamboo Crafts


Bamboo is a plant that grows and is available in most areas. If you have access to bamboo, you will find that there are many crafts that are nice and fun to keep around or use. Many of the bamboo crafts are simple enough for people both old and young to enjoy making.

Bamboo Fishing Pole

It is easy to do bamboo fishing rods and it provides time of entertainment. Get 4 to 5 feet long stick of bamboo. Cut the 6 foot wax lace of the line, or if you have it with your fingertips, use fishing line. Tie the cord about 3 inches along the top of the pole and then wrap the string at the free end of the pole assembly where you can allow enough lines to be suspended in the water.

Wooden beaded necktie float, which can be connected from the end of about 11/2 feet line. At the end of the line, work as a hook, then connect the clip to etch it with a piece of cheese. It is time to go fishing now.

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Bamboo Flute

To make a bamboo flute get a part of bamboo from 12 to 18 inches in length. At your choice, on the side of the drill hole, about 3 inches from the top, 1 1/2 to 2 inches every 1 drilling started. Sandpaper, you used punch bamboo top down sand, do not stick your lips when you blow like that. To achieve your favorite sound, put your finger on the hole and beat in the groove.

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Bamboo Frame

An easy craft for children to make this bamboo frame that can be given to parents during the holidays or for a mother or father’s day. Just take four pieces of bamboo; Two of them cut to 3 inches long and the other two to five inches long. By using a hot glue gun to help the children in gluing the pieces together so that a 5-inch pieces are found on the top and bottom, and a few 3-inch pieces on each side. At the back of the bamboo, stick a wooden stick cut to size. Once dry, tape image for the wooden sticks so that when viewed image flipped through a bamboo frame.

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Easy Way To Plaster a Concrete Wall


Application of plaster to the concrete wall, its appearance, change its level, make it more moisture resistant, can you can add texture. It takes time for the plastering of concrete walls. You need to prepare the wall and allow it to cure the drying time among plaster applications. Inadequately prepared surfaces will eventually come off the cracks and sagging, and plaster walls. Old paint, dirt, mold, all create this problem.

Preparation of concrete wall. If the wall is painted, paint peeling or peeling off, all paint must be removed. The easiest way to do this is on the sandblasted wall.

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If you do not want to blow up, install metal mesh on painted concrete wall. To fit the straps on the wall, please use the concrete screws in. July 8 in a washing machine away 12 inches apart.

Caulking cracks and fungus treatment, killing the first mold, then removing dirt left by the mold. Clean mortar joints with a wire brush.

Please use adhesive coated wall when paint is fixed on wall. Agent spray or brush across the wall. Please follow manufacturer’s instructions.

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Apply a dash, slash or slurry layer to the concrete wall. To create fluid consistency, mix 1 part Portland cement from 1 to 2 parts of masonry sand and sufficient water. Use a brush dash to cover the entire wall about 1/8 inch thick. Let’s do a muddy coat during the day. Dash, slash, slurry they belong to the technology to create all the base layer. For a very flat finish, it is almost liquid-like consistency slurry.

Mix gypsum according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply a basecoat layer on the dash to a thickness of 8 inches between 1/4 and 3 / with a spatula. Smooth plaster for flat walls. I will leave the wall on the appearance of rough texture. Dry base coat.

Apply a second coat of plaster over the base layer using the same technique and a mixture of gypsum.

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How To Decorate Camp Lighting

How To Decorate Camp Lighting.png

Camp lights vary in shape and size. The light can be practical, or they can be protected from insect campgrounds. Personalize your camp with decorative lights, and you can easily find it in the dark with tents and caravans. Decorative lights can reflect your special interests and personality.

String Lights

The light of the interrupted string creates an atmosphere and offers a comfortable, calm lighting system for caravans and tents. Light can be purchased with flashy designs such as flamingos, mermaids and animals. Fishermen may like light strings with bass boats or mini bars. Light can also be purchased with retro camper and lantern theme. One string of lights generally has about 10 lamps, so that some lines can be needed to decorate the desired area.

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Citronella Torches

Tiki torches and citronella lanterns provide protection against mosquitoes and other insects, while at the same time making good lighting. The torch can be refilled with citronella fuel. You want to be careful when using these near small children or pets. When in a safe distance from the little finger, children, make sure that flare does not breathe with steam.


If you prefer portable lighting campgrounds, consider using lights. Battery-driven flashlight comes in many sizes arranged on the table with light, can be hung on the hook above the doorway when playing games or moving from place to place. Oil lamps can be a security concern when used around small children and pets. Make sure to put them in a safe place away from prying fingers and nervous pets.

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Solar Lights

Solar lights can be a perfect solution if you need light that provides security, decoration and features. You can purchase a single light that will go on the table, a string of torch-style lights that stick into the ground and light up a walking path or portable solar lights that can be carried along with you. These lights can light up the tent, the camper or the outdoor area and can hold that charge for the night.


A good combination of decorative lighting ensures the site’s safety and you will be able to browse at night. A bright campsite can be run on hidden objects to prevent accidents such as cutting at night. Light also maintains curious animals in the bay.


When using decorative lighting, be considerate with your neighbors. The bright lights can be very annoying when you rest in the neighborhood we decided to retire at night. Also be careful when using light in environmental situations. For example, turtle hatching season may depend on the use of certain types of lights. If you are camping on the beach, be sure to find out the types of lights allowed so the offspring are not confused when going out to sea. The study area, you will be camping, to find the problem for this place.

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