Great Benefits Of AAC Blocks


Cost Saving

AAC blocks, resulting in a significant reduction of its own weight, and weighed about 80% lighter than conventional red bricks. Furthermore, it has reduced its own weight leads to a reduction of the use of cement and steel which helps to reduce costs.


AAC block has an attractive appearance, easy to adapt to any style of architecture. Almost all designs can be achieved in AAC.


Lightweight block products does not include any toxic gas substance. The product does not harbor or encourage vermin.

Thermal Insulation

AAC block has exceptional thermal insulation properties. The thermal conductivity of AAC blocks helps maintain the temperature in the room warm in winter and cool during the summer, which ultimately leads to the load savings on air conditioning and energy efficiency has improved accordingly.

Moisture Resistance

Moisture from external and internal sources may cause damage to buildings, so protection from moisture is a major factor.
External sources of moisture include rain and groundwater. Internal moisture, usually in the form of humidity, condensation can occur on the surface of the walls and condensation within the wall.
AAC has a very porous structure that is characterized by “macro” pores. Macro pore small air bubbles are uniformly distributed throughout the material. Thus, the water absorption of the AAC material is minimal.

Environment Friendly

AAC is a non-toxic product that does not pollute the air, land or water. During the manufacturing process, the waste from the cutting process is recycled back with raw materials and reused. During construction, virtually no waste. Energy consumption during production is only a fraction compared to the production of other materials. The manufacturing process does not release harmful substances and does not generate by-products or toxic waste products. AAC is made from natural raw materials. The finished product is three times the volume of raw materials, which is extremely effective in resources and the environment.


One of the biggest features of AAC block is their light weight. These units have a cellular structure created during the manufacturing process. Millions of tiny air cells transmit AAC blocks are very light structure. The density of these lightweight units, usually in the range of 550-650 kg / m³ making them lighter than water.

Perfect Size and Shape

The manufacturing process of AAC block ensures a constant and consistent measurement. Factory finished units provide a uniform basis for the economic use of a variety of finishing systems base. Interior walls can be decorated by direct P.O.P., thus eliminating the need for plaster.

High Compressive Strength

The unit has a resistance to the average compression ratio (3-4.5) N/mm³ which is superior to most types of light units, 25% stronger than other products in the same density.

High Resistance to Water Penetration

AAC products due to its cellular structure and a discontinuous micro structure are superior to the normal clay brick in water penetration resistance and therefore the outer wall surface AAC provides excellent resistance to penetration of moisture that conventional clay brick.

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