Homemade Lightweight Concrete Blocks


To build a concrete block, suggesting the costly transportation need for construction materials such as gravel for such aggregate, they tend to be the heavyweight of the project. If you’re in a location that these materials can not be used, and provides most of the strength and durability of the traditional mixture alternative to conventional concrete, there is. The use of lightweight block made from pumice, you can build a small concrete block for construction. The only change significantly, the process of creating the light of the block to be a weight block easily pumice gravel, of replacement is the same as that of the conventional concrete block.

Please fill in the mixer 94 pounds 21/2 bags each weighing Portland cement. Add to cubic yards of pumice. In some of the work of pea for mixing easily with your lightweight concrete, please use the crushed pumice. Carefully turn on the power to the mixer in the pumice, mixed with cement.

Add 5 gallons of water in the mixture. Cover the pumice now wet cement mixture, to wet the mixer, and wait for all of the dry ingredients.

Set the concrete block molds onto a flat surface while mixing the pumice-crete mixture. Fill the molds with the pumice-crete using a spade. Place any insert required for the creation of hollow blocks inside the mold.

Wait 24 hours for the block to be mounted on the block before you remove the hardness from the mold. Back to it on a flat surface, it continues the treatment of the unit another 10 days before you can use it in order to you create an application.

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Secret of Beauty: How to use Thanaka Powder?


Thanaka powder has been regarded as the beauty and the secret of healthy skin of Myanmar women. Burma is the tree bark Thanaka fragrance associated with sandalwood powder to make a Thanaka, it ground. They then form the powder into logs, and then sell it in order to use on the face and body. The use of Thanaka powder acts as a perfume to enhance the beauty, you have sun protection, the astringent and antiseptic properties.

Half fills the Thanaka powder and a small bowl. Slowly add the water and continue to mix until you have a paste.

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Thanaka removes dead skin cells, and apply the paste on your face and scrub to cleanse your skin. Leave for 10 minutes and wash your face.

Evenly apply Thanaka paste as the base on top of all of your face. Please put the makeup on paste. Thanaka, paste the protective effect of the skin, such as a foundation and sunscreen.

Mix the turmeric powder teaspoon to paste Thanaka. Mix well, leave the skin paste overnight. Thanaka and turmeric will remove acne and other defects, to smooth the skin. To prevent staining, and place the rubber sheet on top of the pad.

Rub the Thanaka paste over your body about 10 minutes before a shower or bath. Paste, to smooth your body, and reduce the inflammation of the itching and other skin.

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