Easy Ways To Make Bamboo Crafts


Bamboo is a plant that grows and is available in most areas. If you have access to bamboo, you will find that there are many crafts that are nice and fun to keep around or use. Many of the bamboo crafts are simple enough for people both old and young to enjoy making.

Bamboo Fishing Pole

It is easy to do bamboo fishing rods and it provides time of entertainment. Get 4 to 5 feet long stick of bamboo. Cut the 6 foot wax lace of the line, or if you have it with your fingertips, use fishing line. Tie the cord about 3 inches along the top of the pole and then wrap the string at the free end of the pole assembly where you can allow enough lines to be suspended in the water.

Wooden beaded necktie float, which can be connected from the end of about 11/2 feet line. At the end of the line, work as a hook, then connect the clip to etch it with a piece of cheese. It is time to go fishing now.

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Bamboo Flute

To make a bamboo flute get a part of bamboo from 12 to 18 inches in length. At your choice, on the side of the drill hole, about 3 inches from the top, 1 1/2 to 2 inches every 1 drilling started. Sandpaper, you used punch bamboo top down sand, do not stick your lips when you blow like that. To achieve your favorite sound, put your finger on the hole and beat in the groove.

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Bamboo Frame

An easy craft for children to make this bamboo frame that can be given to parents during the holidays or for a mother or father’s day. Just take four pieces of bamboo; Two of them cut to 3 inches long and the other two to five inches long. By using a hot glue gun to help the children in gluing the pieces together so that a 5-inch pieces are found on the top and bottom, and a few 3-inch pieces on each side. At the back of the bamboo, stick a wooden stick cut to size. Once dry, tape image for the wooden sticks so that when viewed image flipped through a bamboo frame.

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