The Use Of Steel Plates

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Steel plates can be made large or small steel factories, more specialized plants. Steel plates – is one of many types of steel, which can be produced, including steel bars, sheets, plates, rolls, and more. Steel sheets are often used for structural and construction applications, high pressure vessels, marine and offshore equipment and military applications. Grade elements and parameters of steel plate is also important as it is used.


The steel plate is wide and generic term for shaped steel plate. However, steel can be combined with other metals to form alloys that can make them resistant to corrosion, or strong light. In addition to the alloy steel plate, the thickness can vary from 3/16 inch to several inches. For example, steel sheet for application to a container only 3/4 inch thick may be required under pressure, while the degree of armor protection of military test weapons may require that it be a thicker as possible.

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The construction industry requires various types of steel of all sizes. Steel sheets can be see in buildings, bridges and construction machines. The company, RK YANGON STEEL CO.,LTD, produces steel sheets for use in sports stadiums, airports, prefabricated houses, warehouses, railway stations and vehicles.

Pressure Vessel Plate

Pressure vessel plate – a type of steel plate used for storage containers. These storage containers can be boilers, tanks or any device that stores compressed gas or liquid. They can be made to store the contents at room temperature or when used at a more extreme temperature. Depending on the purpose of these steel plates can be grain or fine grain.

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Steel plates are also widely used in the shipbuilding industry. Plates used for ships and barges or oil rigs and other marine equipment. They can be made of structural parts or can be implemented as a part of repair. At times, the need is extremely strong steel sheet, especially in the construction of large offshore facilities.


Ministry of Defense often require more than one stainless steel plate for use in military vehicles and buildings. The steel industry with military contracts to produce steel in accordance with the objectives and standards established by the Ministry of Defense and its other divisions, such as the army, air force and navy. Military steel plates used in tanks, jeeps, trucks and land vehicles, as well as helicopters, aircraft and other aircraft. The Navy uses steel for shipbuilding and naval repairs.

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Easy Way To Plaster a Concrete Wall


Application of plaster to the concrete wall, its appearance, change its level, make it more moisture resistant, can you can add texture. It takes time for the plastering of concrete walls. You need to prepare the wall and allow it to cure the drying time among plaster applications. Inadequately prepared surfaces will eventually come off the cracks and sagging, and plaster walls. Old paint, dirt, mold, all create this problem.

Preparation of concrete wall. If the wall is painted, paint peeling or peeling off, all paint must be removed. The easiest way to do this is on the sandblasted wall.

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If you do not want to blow up, install metal mesh on painted concrete wall. To fit the straps on the wall, please use the concrete screws in. July 8 in a washing machine away 12 inches apart.

Caulking cracks and fungus treatment, killing the first mold, then removing dirt left by the mold. Clean mortar joints with a wire brush.

Please use adhesive coated wall when paint is fixed on wall. Agent spray or brush across the wall. Please follow manufacturer’s instructions.

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Apply a dash, slash or slurry layer to the concrete wall. To create fluid consistency, mix 1 part Portland cement from 1 to 2 parts of masonry sand and sufficient water. Use a brush dash to cover the entire wall about 1/8 inch thick. Let’s do a muddy coat during the day. Dash, slash, slurry they belong to the technology to create all the base layer. For a very flat finish, it is almost liquid-like consistency slurry.

Mix gypsum according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply a basecoat layer on the dash to a thickness of 8 inches between 1/4 and 3 / with a spatula. Smooth plaster for flat walls. I will leave the wall on the appearance of rough texture. Dry base coat.

Apply a second coat of plaster over the base layer using the same technique and a mixture of gypsum.

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How to Set Up a Construction Site Crane

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Cranes are used in most major construction, since the development of the smallest houses in the largest skyscrapers. There is a wide range of crane sizes, and each crane should be handled by a qualified operator. Installation of the crane it must be carried out by those who are trained. Improper installation of the tap can lead to accidents that can be fatal.

Install mast section of tower crane concrete with steel anchors, making sure it is perfectly vertical using a level.

Add each mast section by means of bolts in the section below, we have not yet reached the required height. You will have other machines to it, such as lifting equipment scissors or telescopic boom.

Assemble the jobs (horizontal sections) of the crane, lifting them into place with another crane. It also needs to be placed on the mast steel bolts. You will have two jibs: one that carries the chains, used for the lifting materials, and one that is used as a counterweight to prevent the crane from toppling over.

Crane load test 100% of capacity; Once this happens, you can use a tower crane for the construction of your building.

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