7 Business You Can Start At Home

Myanmar businessIf you want to work for yourself or want to spend more time with family, start a business from home can be the perfect solution. From selling handmade products in online blogs, there are many options when starting your own business without a lot of money and plenty of space. Check out some of the home based myanmar business you could be up and running in no time.

1) Artisan

If you like to do crafts like jewelry, home decor and ceramics, consider starting a small business to sell your creations through the online market like bagantrade.com, esty.com. Create items you want to sell and take pictures of each piece. Here is a list of items on the website and pay a small fee for each item. Buyers to find the products on the site, send your payments and items will be shipped directly to customers. This is a great way to put your creativity to work as your own small business.

2) Blogger

Successful bloggers can earn a full time income through online posts, articles and regular columns. You can start your own blog through a web-sites like blogger.com or tumblr.com. Find the area of knowledge or topics you passionate about and start writing about the latest news and share tips and knowledge in the field. Sign up for a “pay per click” Account when you visit the site, such as Google Adsense, placing ads on your blog. Most visitors to your site, the greater the opportunity to make money when users click on one of these ads.

3) Customer Support

Many companies offer their phone calls at certain for customer service employees to work from home. Receive phone calls directly from customers who have questions or need help in buying goods. The requirements that must have experience of customer service, fixed telephone and internet access. Companies such as Alpine Access, LiveOps, West and recruitment of virtual customer service work from home arise.

4) Bookeeper

If you are good with numbers and always find a friend to help during tax season, to put their skills to work. From their own accounts, you can sell your own services to individuals and small businesses, working from home. You will need accounting software and reliable computer. Attract new customers by publishing brochures and mail delivery to other small businesses in your area.

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5) Tutor

If you love teaching, to start your own home business-class students in your area of specialization. You can teach students in their homes, at home or in the library. Contact community groups and local schools to see how you can work with students who could use the additional academic support. You can also join a network line virtual tutor students through Internet.

6) Translator

If you speak more than one language fluently, become a freelancer. Many companies require documents and translated documents in fluids or native speakers. Finding a job through independent translation Welocalize.com or sdl.com. You will have to pass a test of language fluency and have good grammar and punctuation.

7) Start your ebay store

If you like to find great deals at consignment stores and consignment auctions, starting your own eBay store. Include these good deals around and make a good profit by selling these products to online shoppers. You can list the items in the auction, fixed price or inventory format. Your items will appear in eBay search results when customers type in search terms, matches the description of their products. Payments are processed through PayPal and ship the items directly to customers.

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How To Save Money With Online Shopping


During the recession, everyone is looking to save a little money when they can. If you are one of those people, and you want to make any purchase, think twice before you make any major purchase in the store. With a little searching, you can almost always save money with Myanmar online shopping.

There are thousands of online stores, so that everything you want to buy, you can find on the Internet. You can start your search at any desired search engine, such as Google. Be as specific as possible in your search, make sure that you find exactly what you are looking for. Often the same products are sold on several websites, so that you can compare prices and see what is the most affordable.

Once you have found websites that sell what you are looking for, check RetailMeNot.com or similar websites to see if there is a coupon available on the web sites, which could save money. The same applies to the detail you see in the store, who would like to buy. First to go home and check online to see if that store has a website that has online coupons, or if they are available cheaper on any other websites.

The great thing about shopping online is that many sites allow users to rate each product so that you can decide whether it’s worth the money or not. Online coupon codes are constantly changing, so look for a good business; There are often free shipping coupons available. With a bit of research, which can often save money with online shopping.

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Tips To Improve B2B Customer Service


B2B is business to business. In other words, a company or organization that sells products or services to other companies or organizations, and not the end user or consumer. When we are dealing with a large organization, it is sometimes difficult to understand what constitutes a good relationship with customers. However, when you don’t provide effective customer service promptly, it affects your bottom line in terms of missed opportunities and customers.

Response Time

Respond to your customer quickly and accurately. It builds confidence. Remember that even the company is made up of individuals, all of whom value their time. Every time you make waiting a corporation, provide inaccurate decisions or slow response time, which is tainting the corporate image and attract potential customers away.

To ensure fast and uncomplicated service and expertise, as well as use the tools at their disposal effectively. For example, the rotation around the time recommended for inquiries by e-mail no more than 24 hours. This shows a strong professional commitment.


Regardless of the industry, a strong bond based B2B business relations. Give your customers a variety of ways to communicate with you or your staff, including video conferencing, e-mail and telephone and cellular methods. Make sure that the client receives immediately adequate support staff for questions or problems at hand. Troubleshooting and closing deals in a timely manner improves customer retention.

Offer Viable Alternatives

Even the most diligent business-to-business operations can go wrong. Whether small or large, the best attitude is “How can we fix this?” This is not the time to blame. Listen to the customer, keeping in mind that you pay for guidance. Make sure they understand the proposed solutions, and to be ready to implement them as soon as you get the appropriate permissions. When the client attempts to contact you, you have the ability to solve this problem by using solid customer service skills to keep this customer happy.

Respect and Thank your Customers

The business with whom you liaise deserve respect. They’re, like, try to focus on the quality of goods or services to a particular industry. Let your customer know that you appreciate them, and they represent the knowledge base, building a link. Manners and politeness count. When a customer goes above and beyond to accommodate the difficult situation, or other potential companies to your business problems, you know what you’re doing a good job in
customer relationship management. Just remember to thank them.

For example, you have to back off period due to an internal error. The customer says, “No problem, you have never let us down.” Give that customer a discount for the delay, or to offer an hour of free services in the future. This type of response on your part encourages the longevity customers. Business-to-business customer relationships still value a personal touch.

Cost Savings

Provide customers with ideas on how to save time and money. Every company wants to take some pressure off the bottom line. It becomes a trusted voice in the process, and get more business. Make another company is an active partner in this effort. Listen to their input too.

Since this is a new business comes at your own pace. Endeavour to always meet or exceed customers’ expectations. Remember that a good relationship with clients in the corporate business environment has to do with the construction of a long-term commitment. If that company thrives, your company is thrives.

This is not the only thing to improve B2B customer service for Myanmar B2B, but if you use with these things that you will be well on your way to success.

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5 Ways To Get Started in B2B Content Marketing

5 ways b2b marketing1

Identify an Internal Champion

If you want to start content marketing, you need someone to lead the charge. There are two main tasks of this person, and no matter if they have the title of content marketing or not. First, they set the effort strategy. They need both authority and vision for how content marketing can incorporate into a business. The second function is internal education. As a marketing approach to content marketing is a big cultural change for many B2B organizations, someone has to sell the story of both executives and other marketers. Success will come with a comprehensive understanding of what is required of everyone, and not by a small group of pushing the content without the support of others.

Review Current Marketing Plans

Content marketing can not succeed in the bladder. You must match the rest of your marketing plans. Start with the character and make sure you understand how other marketing campaigns to communicate with them. You do not want to disrupt what is already happening, especially if it works. You want to add a layer on top of the funnel, valuable content to the marketing mix.

Audit Existing Content

Before you start from scratch, you need to check all the content that already exists. For most organizations, it really is not adopted content marketing, most of the marketing materials are products focused. If you’re lucky, there are things beyond the content of the type of conventional feed and speed. Definitely find technical documents, case studies, customer feedback, explainer video. All these elements can be used as you think about the content at all stages of the buying cycle. If you know that already exists, you can create additional content that connects more points with your clients, showing them that you understand their business pain points.

Establish Goals

Neither marketing is never successful if all does not agrees measures of success. Again, this must be coordinated with other marketing efforts, and it is no secret. If your marketing team is measured by driving marketing to potential customers, what should be your metrics for content marketing. If you focus on driving pipeline, you have to measure against it. Therefore, your success will be understood by the rest of the organization.

Create a Pilot Project

As you can not change everything in one night, it is better to start small and develop processes around the creating of new content. While content marketing efforts is long term and can not have the results quickly, a pilot project for the product line, or the nature of the customer will help you and your organization understand what is involved in this change in the content marketing.

This is not the only thing to do to start using content marketing for Myanmar B2B, but if you start with these five things that you will be well on your way to success.

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