History Of Bagan, Myanmar


Bagan is plain in the central part of Myanmar, covering an area of the country, which measures approximately 16 square miles along the eastern shore of the Irrawaddy. Monuments, which are currently in all stages of decomposition were erected especially from the 11th to 13th century BC, when Bagan was the residence of the Myanmar dynasty. Tradition are local chronicles, said that the long list of fifty-five kings ruled over this kingdom during for twelve centuries.

King Pyinbya was the builder of the city walls of Bagan today. King Pyinbya was the 34th King Dynasty, who in 874 AD He moved the capital from Tampawaddy, now known as Pwasato. The latter was built Thaiktaing, the 12th King and had two other capitals, namely Thiripyitsaya ‘, built Thelegyaung, the 7th Paukkan King and built Thamudrit, founder of the dynasty in 108 AD.

But the real story of the dynasty with the support of epigraphic evidence begins only Anawrahta kingdom (1044-1077 BC). Anawrahta conquered Thaton in 1057 and brought back to the capital in the Theravada Pali scriptures, a large number of Buddhist monks, as well as the artists and craftsmen of all kinds. From the monks of Mont Bagan received their alphabet, religion and scriptures. With this significant date of the extraordinary architectural and artistic activity that in a little over two centuries, covered the city and surrounding areas with thousands of magnificent monuments of all types and sizes of steel, the inner walls of the majority of which are decorated with amazing frescoes.

The square temples dominated by the influence Mon distinguished by their dark hallways are dimly lit by perforated windows and fresh bright color mottled with Mon writing on the walls. The temples of Bagan typical style are bright and spacious inside, with which the plan is established and height. But there are also some temples with intermediate forms.

The end of the thirteenth century witnessed the fall of Bagan Dynasty. Thousands of pagodas were stripped invaders and vandals, and the king, who defected from the Chinese, who are believed to have dismantled a large number of sites in order to collect materials for the construction of the fort. Since then, the great mass of religious buildings were abandoned and ruin, and we do not see today over a hundred magnificent monuments, which attract and hold the attention and since its founding, have remained as places of worship. If you want to visit to Bagan, join with us, Everlasting Travels and Tours in myanmar.  We formed in 2013, founded the local citizens and foreign visitors traveling convenient and smooth with the intention of traveling to the establishment.

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Characteristics Of SMEs

Characteristics Of SMEs

The term used by SMEs in the European Union and other international organizations to refer to small and medium enterprises – companies that have a limited number of employees is determined. The United States often use the term SMB, for small to medium business. Classification as an SME based on the number of employees, as a rule, from 10 to 250 to 500, depending on the country where the business is set up. All small and medium-sized enterprises have common features, regardless of the industry and local markets.

Dependence on Few Employees

Many myanmar SMEs companies are quite small and have only a few employees. This is a limited time to perform all the necessary tasks, such as innovation, manufacturing, marketing, sales and accounting for all business-required personnel; for example, a business owner can also be a manager, who oversees all aspects of the company. This can be a disadvantage if the workers do not have the necessary skill sets to perform several tasks well; Nevertheless, this type of business structure contributes to the long-term stability, rather than concentrating on short-term results.


Most small and medium-sized enterprises concentrated in a small number of products and services; This limited approach allows these companies to establish strong relationships with its business partners, which in turn, provides stability for small and medium-sized businesses. Small and medium-sized businesses, as a rule, makes the necessary changes to their services or products that are tailored to customers’ needs; The downside of this is that SMEs are mainly based on existing partnerships and may suffer financially if the relationship ends.


Small and medium business is a simple business structure that allows us to be very flexible and make the necessary changes quickly and without requirements such as address or boardmembers shareholders for approval. This flexibility, however, does not necessarily mean that the company is in compliance with local and national regulations advice or legal team of a larger organization to consider before putting the changes into place.


The small size of the company can be an advantage when it comes to specialization and fill niche markets with products. However, size can be a disadvantage when it comes to obtaining financing for the business. Many SMEs based on the personal assets of the owners and management to finance companies. Resource limitations also affect the marketing and the ability to enter new markets with their products, due to budgetary constraints.

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Difference Between A Lathe And A Milling Machine

Difference Between a Lathe & a Milling Machine.png

Difference Between A Lathe & A Milling Machine

Lathes and milling machines both used for cutting raw materials, but have very different ways of doing it. Lathes spin the material while the milling machines uses a rotary tool for multiple cutting operations. To use, you should know the differences between the two, and that everyone is capable of.


Lathe tools create cylindrical outer and inner diameter with different sizes and shapes of cut. The material on the mandrel is rotated while the short distance materials tool. The tool is attached to a pole tool or tail stock.

Milling machine rotates the cutting tool material is held stationary in a fixture or vise. Milling machines use cylindrical cutting tools, such as milling cutters and drills to remove material from the final product.

Cutting Tools

The main tool used in a lathe machine is cutting insert, which is used by the removable tip to cut and shape the outside of the molding material into the clamping jaws. This type of cutting tool is not used in the milling machine. The most commonly used type of milling machine is an end mill, which is placed on a spindle and rotated at different speeds, depending on the type of material being processed. End mills can be used on lathes, but generally are used only in the milling machine spindle.


If you need to cut the material, which is cylindrical, you can choose a lathe. Better at work, as well as the cutting material will be much easier because of the nature of the machine. You can drill only on the center lathe, so if you need off-center hole or make straight cuts in metal, you’ll be better to put this material in a vise or fixture and cutting it with a milling machine. Angled cuts, and all that should remain non-cylindrical, it is better to cut on a milling machine.


Setting up a lathe involves less precision, as the chuck itself will center the part for cutting. When installing the clamping jaws, make sure that they are equidistant from the center. This will prevent any errors during cutting.

To use the milling machine, you should measure the vise or fixture to make sure that it is right. To do this, use the dial indicator on the shaft and press vise as long as perfectly straight. Retighten the retention bolts and recheck for straightness, making whatever adjustments as needed.

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What is the Function of an Air Compressor?


The air compressor is a machine which uses a drive motor or an electric gas to power the device, which sucks in successive volumes of air from the atmosphere, compresses (squeezes) each volume of air in the limited space to increase the pressure, resulting in a smaller amount, and then transfers the air high pressure in the receiver tank according to the study site EnergyTechPro. High pressure air is removed from the receiving tank for the electrical equipment.

Three Basic Types

There are three basic types of air compressor. The first, called reciprocating compressor uses a piston in the cylinder to press out air. The second, called rotary screw air compressor uses rotating spiral screw of gradually diminishing volume to compress the air. The third is called a centrifugal compressor uses rotating impeller to transmit the air pulse, thus compressing it.

Air System

The compressor is only part of the complete air system. Tank-receiver is a vital component, which prevents unnecessary wear on the compressor from too-frequent cycling. The tank also eliminates pulsation of airflow.

Purifiers And Coolers

An air system also includes cleaners that remove water vapor and compressor lubricant vapors from the compressed air ad it is drawn off. There may also be compressed to reduce the cooling air temperature. Finally, there are hoses or tubes which carry air at high pressure in a place where it is put to work. For air measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). The higher the CFM, the more power you have.

Wind in Reserve

Compressed air is a form of stored energy, wind substantially in reserve. You can do the job when it is expanded to atmospheric pressure as it is released, EnergyTechPro said. In addition, compressed air is used for portable devices and devices of many types of fixed driving pneumatic motors, which can replace the internal combustion and electric motors, and run peak-load electric generating plants.

Compressor Markets

Piston air compressors with engines from one to 50 horsepower are sold for home, small shops and light industrial applications where the air demand is intermittent, EnergyTechPro said. Rotary compressors with engines over 100 horsepower sold for heavy industrial applications where there is a constant demand for compressed air.

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