Jade | Definition of jade


Jade refers to the combination of two different minerals, Jadeite and Nephrite. Most jade of gem value is Jadeite Myanmar Jade. The most valuable is the Imperial Jade, Emerald transparent green jadeite from Myanmar.

Jadeite and Nephrite have different physical and chemical characteristics. In China where Jade has been most prized was the only one of jade until the 18th century. Highly prized pieces from the moment in white a creamy and translucent uniform.

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Since the mid-18th century, jade was imported from Burma (now Myanmar), and became the most popular form of jade in China. In addition, Myanmar jade is also found in Japan, part of the former Soviet Union, Central America, and California. The actual color and texture of the jade stems from the metal element (s) it contains, and as part formed geologically.

Green jade, known as fei tsui in Chinese, apparently, is used almost exclusively in jewelry setting, and is the most popular type of jadeite.

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