Agriculture is the importance of Myanmar Business. Agriculture generally plays a vital role in the economy of every nation that exists. Not only for the reason that tends to feed the entire population but also in the sense that agriculture correlates and interacts with all sectors of this country. The country is generally regarded as socially and politically stable country, if you have a very stable base of agriculture.

Sustainable agriculture provides food security of the country. Food security is one of the basic requirements for any nation. No nation can effectively grow with a stable agricultural base, while harboring the nation “hungry people”, as these hungry people can not do anything what-so-ever, to help the development of their country. Food security prevents hunger is traditionally considered one of the biggest challenges faced by small developing countries. Most countries depend on agricultural production and related industries for their main source of income. Even recently, developing countries will find that they are dependent and can greatly benefit from the agricultural industry.

In addition to the crops and animals, which are produced by farmers who make up the country’s agricultural sector in the field of agriculture is the main source of employment in most countries. Larger farms are generally required to hire extra hands to successfully cultivate the land and take care of farm animals related. Most of these large farms have processing plants located in nearby objects to complete its agricultural production and product development. Needless to say, these sub-industries are using considerable man-power within their operations. Most modern farms and agriculture-related industries make good use of today’s modern equipment as well as the principles of science and technology.

The use of technology in agriculture is determined by the competence of individual farmers towards coping with these advancements related to technology. Farmers in the country who can use modern technology related to agriculture can provide good production of its products, which benefits the country as a whole. Modern agricultural technology would be useless, if the farmers are not competent enough to use any technology that they have available to them.

Most of the major industrialized countries have begun to cities increase was mainly due to the development of agriculture. These cities have done well on the basis of full agriculture, before they began to use the process of industrialization. Most of the principles, which are currently used in our businesses today have their roots come from the principles of agriculture. The bulk of production is one of the methods that have been modeled from the collection of experienced frequent in the field of agriculture. This method has saved many ancient cities of destruction during times of plague and drought. In ancient times, the country’s harvest crops, which are used not only for direct consumption, but is often collected and stored for future use. The same is practiced in modern industrial processes to ensure stability.

Agriculture is usually common in rural areas, which have the most arable land, however, modern technology involved in the agricultural activities of agricultural quite possible even in urban areas. These actions can be taken to maintain a personal or family needs or even for commercial purposes.

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