How Do Combines Harvest Corn?

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It was not so long ago when the corn is picked manually. Early (combines name refers to their ability to harvest, thresh and clean) were on horseback, lower pickers today, you can handle about 200 acres in the day of US 68 million acres of corn.

Corn Picker or Corn Combine?

Both a corn picker and combine harvest corn, but eliminates ear corn harvester. Sweet corn requires special collectors, so as not to damage their soft core (wet). Combine corn crop dry field.

How It Works?

A “header” spans the front, sweeping several rows of corn plants in the form of a giant, wheel-shaped pickup reel. The reel pushed plants down into the teeth of the cutter, where scissor-like mowing finger cut the plant at ground level. Giant drill resembles grain and then grab the lead in the movement of the conveyor belt to the threshing drum.

Inside The Threshing Drum

Threshing drum rotates and vibrates elimination corn kernels, which drop into the collection tank. They finally offload from a chute in the side of the combine, into another tractor. The chaff (plant stalks and cobs) travel on conveyor belts (called straw walkers) to the rear of the combine, where it is expelled as mulch or baled and used bedding for the animals.

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