Top Seven Healthy Benefits Of Lentils

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Lentils is a perfect in pea family to take summer in salads, spreads, raw vegetable appetizers and crackers, as well as a meal vegetarian dish. Lentils have less calories and great nutrition.

Lentils are easy to cook and a hassle-free compliment to any meal. Nuts and rustic taste, lentils have high nutritional value that everyone can benefit from including healthy legumes in your diet.

Eating lentils enjoy and include its health benefits:

1. Lower Cholesterol

Lentils helps lower blood cholesterol levels because it contains a large amount of water-soluble dietary fiber. Reducing cholesterol while maintaining arterial purity reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.

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2. Heart Health

Various survey have shown that taking high fiber foods, like lentils take away the risk of heart disease. Lentils are an excellent source of folic acid, magnesium, which greatly contributes to the health of the heart. Folic acid reduces homocysteine levels, a major risk factor for heart disease. Magnesium upgrades blood flow, oxygen and nutrition of the whole body. Low magnesium levels are linked directly to heart disease, the use of lentils in the food will entertain your heart!

3. Digestive Health

Insoluble dietary fiber contained in lentils helps to keep constipation and other gastrointestinal diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulosis.

4. Stabilized Blood Sugar

In addition to the many benefits of fiber, soluble fiber trap carbohydrates, slow digestion and stabilize blood sugar value. This can be particularly useful for patients with diabetes, insulin resistance, or hypoglycemia.

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5. Good Protein

Of all legumes, nuts, lentils have the third highest protein level. 26 percent of calorie lentils belong to proteins, making them an excellent source of protein for vegetarians and vegans.

6. Increases Energy

Lentils steadily increase their combustion energy slowly with their fibers and complex carbohydrates. Lentils are also a good source of iron that carries oxygen throughout the body and is an important factor in energy production and metabolism.

7. Weight Loss

Lentils contain all these beneficial nutrients such as cellulose, protein, vitamins and minerals, but they are still low in calories and contain a little fat. A cup of cooked lentils contains about 230 calories, but it remains complete and satisfying.

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7 Amazing Health Benefits and Risk Of Red Onions

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Red onions are also known as purple onions, come with purplish red skin and white flesh stained red. They are medium to large in size, with mild often sweet flavor and eat raw, grilled or lightly cooked with other foods, or added as a color to the salads.

Its redness usually disappears during cooking. Red onion belongs to the lily family. Although we put them as a spice in food, red onions have many health benefits, in addition to adding a lot of flavor to foods.

1. Improved Immunity

Photochemical depending on the onion help of vitamin C, therefore, help improve the body’s ability to fight infections. It is important to increase the body’s immunity.

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2. Blood sugar control

Onions play a most valuable role in regulating blood sugar levels due to the fact that they include a mineral component, known as chromium.

3. Fighting Inflammation

Red onions have since time immemorial have used to dose inflammations and infections as well.

4. Healthy heart

Raw sliced red onion is really great for the heart. This is because they stimulate the production of high density lipoprotein (HDL), which decreases the risk of heart diseases such as heart attack and stroke. Low-density lipoprotein (LDL), on the other hand, leads to heart problems due to the high cholesterol content in the arteries, which drives the so-called cardiovascular disease (CVD).

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5. Cancer prevention

Red onions play an essential role in the war on cancer. This is because they include a potent chemical known as quercetin. Quercetin involve a group of plant pigments known as flavonoids. It is responsible for the fact that his red onions. The role of quercetin is to inhibit the development of breast, colon, and prostate ovarian cancer cells. It has been shown that with the help of research intake Quercitin reduces the risk of developing lung cancer.

6. Pain Relief

Without the knowledge of many people, red onions are helpful in relieving pain and in particular the pain caused by itching insects leaves a burning sensation. If you have been bitten by a bee, apply red onion juice to the affected area, and you will experience immediate relief from the burning sensation.

7. Prevents Gastric Ulcers

Red onions are very effective in powerful free radicals, which are responsible for horrible stomach ulcers. Onions eat away the free radicals and remove them from the digestive tract, thus reducing the risk of stomach ulcers.

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Easiest Way To Make Wigs With Hair Extensions

Easiest Way To Make Wigs With Hair Extensions.jpg

Best character wigs can be buy at beauty supply or wigs stores. Virtually indistinguishable from real human hair, they can be relatively high cost. You can reduce costs by making your own with the help of a few plots of wig hair extension. Plots of hair extensions come in a variety of colors, lengths, textures and qualities. Remy extensions produce from human hair, but are generally low-priced and come in several varieties. Synthetic hair extensions are even cheaper. Using only a few tools, creating a hand wefts wig hair extension is not too difficult.


Position the wig cap on the head and, with a marker, target the area where the ears start.

Position the wig cap on the mannequin head of styrofoam blocks or a wig, overstretch the cap so that the back is taut. Hold the wig cap on the floor with the ball pins.

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Get one end of the plot and attach it to an ear tag. Then wrap the weft around the back of the wig cap with the ear tag on the opposite side. Pin in place and cut off excess weft.

Stick a pin through the center of the weft at the back of the manikin’s head so that the expansion is held in place and does not bubble when sewing.


Apply the sewing needle to sew the weft into place. The curve of the needle will allow you to sew without having to pick up the cap of the wig. Every five or ten lines, create a node so that the line is stronger and safer.

Continue to stitch the plies from ear to ear from bottom to top, until you reach the middle of the back of the head.

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Place the wig cap on the head. Wrap the horseshoe-shaped weft around the crown of the head, securing the safety tips in place in front of the wig cap. Make sure the weft is quite high, so the closure of the wig on the front of the cord covers it when it is connected. Place the wig cap on the block and glue a half-part weft pin, and then sew it in place.

Clip the top of the weft and the empty area of the wig cap. Begin to fill the empty space of the wig cap with the wefts, sewed them in place from the center of the back of the mannequin head from the top of the weft.

Position the wig cap on the head. Place the wig on the front of the drawstring at the top of the cap of the wig, while it will not be in the desired area. Such arrangement will be different depending on whether the wig wearer wants bangs or not.

Lock the safety pin in place and remove the cap from the wig and place it on the wig block. Sew the closure of a wig cap to complete the wig.

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