Where to buy virgin burmese hair extensions online?


Tet Nay Lin Co.,Ltd is one of the best hair supplier in Myanmar. Our company was started since 2010 with 5 employees.

We began start selling online,  we got international customers to export. After 2015, we join BaganTrade.com, which is Myanmar’s first and the only B2B international trading platform that engage local and global market.

And then, we received more buyers and spread out our business. Now, our company has about 50 employees and exports the hair to various countries. Since we are exporting the hair to various countries, we maintained the quality of hair in every single step.

We also do four simple steps. The first step is washing the hair. Rinse the hair in various kinds of water to receive the prefect hair. The second step is drying the hair. Natural drying is the great way to get the pure hair. So, we dried the hair in the sun. The third step is arranging the hair. We arrange the hair by manually to obtain the same length. The last step is wefting the hair. In this step, we only use the machine. This is hair inspection step to take out the white hair and any foreign particles.

Our company has different characters of hair. Curly hair is the most favorite among various kinds of products. This is original curly hair and does not contain any chemical. This hair was made with steam.

If you want to buy virgin hair extensions online, you can contact BaganTrade.com, that engage local and global market.


Easiest Way To Make Wigs With Hair Extensions

Easiest Way To Make Wigs With Hair Extensions.jpg

Best character wigs can be buy at beauty supply or wigs stores. Virtually indistinguishable from real human hair, they can be relatively high cost. You can reduce costs by making your own with the help of a few plots of wig hair extension. Plots of hair extensions come in a variety of colors, lengths, textures and qualities. Remy extensions produce from human hair, but are generally low-priced and come in several varieties. Synthetic hair extensions are even cheaper. Using only a few tools, creating a hand wefts wig hair extension is not too difficult.


Position the wig cap on the head and, with a marker, target the area where the ears start.

Position the wig cap on the mannequin head of styrofoam blocks or a wig, overstretch the cap so that the back is taut. Hold the wig cap on the floor with the ball pins.

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Get one end of the plot and attach it to an ear tag. Then wrap the weft around the back of the wig cap with the ear tag on the opposite side. Pin in place and cut off excess weft.

Stick a pin through the center of the weft at the back of the manikin’s head so that the expansion is held in place and does not bubble when sewing.


Apply the sewing needle to sew the weft into place. The curve of the needle will allow you to sew without having to pick up the cap of the wig. Every five or ten lines, create a node so that the line is stronger and safer.

Continue to stitch the plies from ear to ear from bottom to top, until you reach the middle of the back of the head.

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Place the wig cap on the head. Wrap the horseshoe-shaped weft around the crown of the head, securing the safety tips in place in front of the wig cap. Make sure the weft is quite high, so the closure of the wig on the front of the cord covers it when it is connected. Place the wig cap on the block and glue a half-part weft pin, and then sew it in place.

Clip the top of the weft and the empty area of the wig cap. Begin to fill the empty space of the wig cap with the wefts, sewed them in place from the center of the back of the mannequin head from the top of the weft.

Position the wig cap on the head. Place the wig on the front of the drawstring at the top of the cap of the wig, while it will not be in the desired area. Such arrangement will be different depending on whether the wig wearer wants bangs or not.

Lock the safety pin in place and remove the cap from the wig and place it on the wig block. Sew the closure of a wig cap to complete the wig.

If you want to buy virgin burmese hair extensions online, you can visit at bagantrade website, which is Myanmar’s first and the only B2B trading platform that engage local and global market.

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The Secret Ancient City of Bagan Women Hair Styles


If Bagan people were very forgiving in decorating their religious buildings to gain spiritual benefits to the posthumous world, they are inferior for more beauty in this life. It was not extravagrant’s own decoration. Women of all times all age and nationality who have more equitable sex are almost self-evident that women have a desire for beauty and elegance, and the women of Bagan were no exception.

There are paintings, literary and proof inscriptions to prove that in addition to clothing, jewelry and facial makeup, Bagan women have a flair for hair style. There is no mention of a particular coiffeur called “Myeik-lut-su” were teenagers in those days, which is in one of the three oldest poems of the time. The poem was written by an unknown poet, describing the tragic story of a mighty blackmith and his younger sister.

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A detailed and complete list of women’s hairstyles Bagan recorded bard lady named Yaway Shin Htwe, who served as a Lady-in-waitingin the court of King Maha Dhamma Yaza (A.D.1584-1459). It consists of about 55 hairdressers from Bagan in a new verse form “Un Chin”.
The names of 55 hairdressers listed in Un Chin are as follows:
  • Myeik Hpyu
  • Myeik So
  •  Thwe Nyo Myeik Lut
  • Yit Pat Su
  • Yaw Yee
  • Tu Mei Shwe Yaung
  • Tein Taung Tet Thit
  • Hlyat Sit Pyat
  • Hnin Thwe Ma So
  • Kya Nyo Wit San
  • Du Win Hnaing She
  • U Pyi Shun Pyaw
  • Zin Yaw Tant Wei
  • Pale Ko Lone
  • Gamon Ngon Ar
  • Ley Tha Wei Le
  • Mgu Chee Matin
  • Ya Gin
  • Kha Yu Chaung
  • Hton Kyaung
  • Hton Kya
  • Nga Pa Myeik So
  • Aung Myo Nameik
  • Karaweik Hnot Thi
  • Hseik Thamee
  • Pan Pyee Hse Htwe
  • Ney Ayone Khan
  • Nyint Yan Thauk Shu
  • Tein U Naga
  • Ley Pa Ya Thi
  • Hnaing Pyee San Lut
  • Naga Pat Kyaw Kwin
  • Nantwin Myitzu
  • Htwet Pyu Mokwa
  • Padoma Theikdi
  • Mani Kopa
  • Chaya Pwint They
  • Yon Yey La Wei
  • Ney Lei U Daung
  • Thon Chaung Chu Shet
  • Sa Hwet Yaung Chaw
  • Thibaw Tagun
  • Ananta Hpu Sha, Mawra Giwa
  • Hintha Sa Hkunt
  • Pa Zin Taung Pyant
  • Thi Nyunt Let Thin
  • Kun Lin
  • Nauk Twe
  • Myit Ta Ywe
  • Pale Kun Char
  • Yatana Man Daing
  • Pwint Saing Pona Yeik
  • Naga Ate Ley Daunt
  • Shit Hmyaunt
  • Pyan Ka Bat

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Since then, it was usually 55 kings in a long Bagan dynasty, some scholars are inclined to assume that each of the 55 hairdressers is fashionable in the reign of each king. However, there is no evidence to support their surmise. Hair sketches of these 55 found in older parabeiks (folded parchment) of a white, black and gold. Examples of this article are reproductions of parabeik age preserved in the scientific library of the Department of Archeology in Yangon.

If you want to buy hair extensions in Myanmar, you can visit at bagantrade website, which is Myanmar’s first and the only B2B trading platform that engage local and global market.

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