Where to buy virgin burmese hair extensions online?


Tet Nay Lin Co.,Ltd is one of the best hair supplier in Myanmar. Our company was started since 2010 with 5 employees.

We began start selling online,  we got international customers to export. After 2015, we join BaganTrade.com, which is Myanmar’s first and the only B2B international trading platform that engage local and global market.

And then, we received more buyers and spread out our business. Now, our company has about 50 employees and exports the hair to various countries. Since we are exporting the hair to various countries, we maintained the quality of hair in every single step.

We also do four simple steps. The first step is washing the hair. Rinse the hair in various kinds of water to receive the prefect hair. The second step is drying the hair. Natural drying is the great way to get the pure hair. So, we dried the hair in the sun. The third step is arranging the hair. We arrange the hair by manually to obtain the same length. The last step is wefting the hair. In this step, we only use the machine. This is hair inspection step to take out the white hair and any foreign particles.

Our company has different characters of hair. Curly hair is the most favorite among various kinds of products. This is original curly hair and does not contain any chemical. This hair was made with steam.

If you want to buy virgin hair extensions online, you can contact BaganTrade.com, that engage local and global market.


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