Great Way to Make a Wall Tapestry


Wall tapestries are a great way to add color and personality to your living space. If you do not want to use genuine money, you can do a good substitution. You can make a wall tapestry in the afternoon (no sewing involved) and you will have the flexibility to change the design whenever you like.

Purchase a paintings canvas from a craft or painting supply store. Evaluate the area you are hanging on the wall tapestry and select the canvas size accordingly. Think about whether you need a group of one big tapestry or tapestry. For example, you can buy canvas with a depth of at least 1 inch together with 2 or 4 small canvas and group them together in a purchase square.

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Please select the fabric. This is a fun part. Please bring some of the color in the space where the wall tapestry is displayed. If your room already has plenty of colors, go to neutral, or select a color from the room and go to express tone on tone. If your room is neutral, you can choose a more bold color or pattern.

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Make sure it is completely discharged, put on the floor with the cloth face down. Place the canvas face down in the middle of the fabric and cut the fabric, preferably 6 inches, because there is still a border around the rim of the canvas fabric. Work your way around the same fashion until the fabric is stapled completely in the canvas. The corner is difficult, but it can be a way to make it work to fold back cloth like you are wrapping gifts. Just remember to do each corner in the same way to maintain a consistent look.

Show your work. Place the wall tapestry, or place it on the mantelpiece or table. Large tapestries also lean against the walls and may be interesting and beautiful on the floor.

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