Economic Benefits Of IVECO Concrete Mixer Trucks


If technological innovations have contributed to all, is the reduction of labor, which has revolutionized many industries, especially in the construction sector. For example, trucks innovation, cement mixing tasks have become less time. Concrete mixing days finished by hand, because of these trucks with mixers installed in the chassis.

These vehicles are used for mixing and transporting large volumes of concrete thus has many advantages, especially in financial terms. Particularly suitable for use in large-capacity trucks is very cost-effective, provide greater flexibility, can increase customer satisfaction and can make a big difference in your business. Before you buy a particular truck, learn three economic advantages you can use.

Labor Savings

The concrete pump trucks can be viewed on any large construction site work, and there are many reasons. One of the best economic benefits of these vehicles is the ability to locate closer to the desired location and accurately pour the concrete. Compared to a truck dumping, if you buy IVECO concrete mixer truck with pump cost-saving labor by 50%. For example, if five workers and two hours is required for completion of the work, which is the same work can be done in three working only one hour using concrete pump trucks. This means that you can deploy your workforce wisely and multitask per day.

Increased Daily Production

Since you can be implemented more efficiently their workforce and more tasks in a single day, trucks pump to increase daily production. Concrete made from these vehicles and has better discharge time greatly reduces, regardless of weather conditions, the state of the platform or the time of day. If you buy a truck with concrete pump, there will be no interruptions or delays. Since these vehicles are generally extended pumps can perform a specific job from a single location.

Simple and Very Effective Back-filling

The concrete pump truck back-filling is a simple and very effective. Your workplace will be safer and less congested, so you can certainly expect an increase in overall efficiency. With concrete being poured directly, no need to repeat the treatment, no special blends to improve quality. In addition, excess water will no longer be a problem for you. Compared to the trucks without pumps, these trucks have a capacity of more than 150 cubic yards per hour. Therefore, buy a particular truck to increase productivity.

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