How To Use Pillar Drilling Machine

how to use pillar drilling machine.jpg

The pillar drill tool is similar to the drill press. You can use the two machines to create holes in the material. While you can set the drill machine tool at a table or bench, pillar drill is larger, and we must work on the ground. Use the pillar drill to drill holes in large surfaces. This machine comes with several safety devices installed. You can add other protection devices, depending on the material to drill. However, there are some additional steps that must be taken to ensure that the car and others around you, is not damaged in any way.

Read all operating instructions and make sure you understand all instructions. Familiarize yourself with the machine before you actually use it. This will help you get your work done efficiently, and this will prevent any potential disaster occurring.

Make sure the material you are using the drillstring is suitable for the machine. Make sure you use the correct drill recommended for this material.

Note the position of the emergency stop button before starting work. Use this button if there is an urgent need to turn off the machine.

Be sure to remove the key holding, if necessary, before switching on the drill stand. This key will, and can cause serious injury if not removed.

Make sure the drill guard on the spot. It is a plastic safety cover to protect it from flying debris when drilling. It also prevents waste from getting someone in the neighborhood.

Wear safety glasses before starting drilling. If you can not find, to make an effort to get a pair. Do not operate without them.

Use pulleys on the sides of the punch to give the correct speed for each of the materials being drilled. This will give the precision work, and also to avoid any accidents.

Take your time when working on a project that requires the use of a drill. Do not rush through it. An emergency can lead to your making a mistake and having to start all over again with fresh material. Rushing can also be dangerous.

Protect your hands with work gloves when removing drilling. Drills are very hot when in use.

Unplug the machine and keep children away when finished. When the bit cool, about an hour after you turn it off, remove any debris or dirt that has collected on it. If you want to view a variety of drilling machine, please visit at, which is Myanmar B2B e-commerce platform and Myanmar Online Shopping for Business Products Buyers.

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