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1). My bread maker has a regular dough cycle, and the cycle of rapid dough cycle. I usually use a series of quick dough cycle. It also has a rise after mixing the dough. After the rise is complete, I remove the dough from the machine.

I only use fast dough cycle in making my breads. When the dough is done, remove it from the bread machine and prepare my bread dough as per the instructions below.

Follow the instructions on the bread machine on loading ingredients. It is important to keep away from liquid yeast and salt, until you start making bread; This is particularly important when the machine won’t starts dough mixing for several hours.

I follow the method of the liquids-first-then-dry, but instead to put sugar and salt on top of the flour, add the liquid. I personally recommend placing the ingredients in the pan in the following order:

  • Liquid (milk, water)
  • Eggs, oils, melted or softened butter
  • Salt, sugars (including honey, molasses)
  • Dried or powdered milk
  • Dried or fresh orange or lemon zest (peel)
  • Dried herbs, dried flavorings, seeds, and nuts
  • Whole wheat flour
  • Bread flour or all-purpose flour
  • Yeast

2). Adding Ingredients:

Water– I usually start by adding a sufficient amount of hot water (120 degrees F), and it seems that at this point I have added all the other ingredients, the water is cooled to the desired temperature.

Butter– Soften or melt the margarine or butter in a microwave before adding it to the machine.

Eggs– I bring my eggs at room temperature by placing them in a cup of very hot water for a few minutes before adding it.

Refrigerated Ingredients– Heat anything taken out of the fridge (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.) in the microwave until warm to the touch, about 1 minute.

Salt– Only use non-iodized salt (iodine affects yeast activity, slowing down of the first fermentation). Salt is the best inhibitor of yeast added so that not in contact with the yeast. If you have problems with short bread, try cutting back on salt (and sometimes it solves the problem). I like to use coarse salt or sea salt in my bread.

Other Ingredients– Orange, lemon or grapefruit peel or peel and cinnamon and alcohol, have the effect of slowing down. Completely stop the excess yeast activity. Cinnamon has a direct effect on yeast activity and in large quantities, to stop fermentation completely. Maintaining a high percentage of their own dough cinnamon and add it to a landfill, where it can have only a limited impact on the activity of the yeast.

Vital Gluten– Add 1 teaspoon of vital gluten per cup of whole wheat flour in your recipes. This will give a higher bread. If you find the bread is still far increased by adding a teaspoon, until you get the results you want (be sure to note the amounts of the recipe).

Flour– For most breads, you should use bread flour. It has a high protein content, which is more gluten during kneading. If you use a all-purpose flour, bread does not rise so high, but, it certainly rises. Bread is more dense and not fluffy.

Yeast– I use the instant active dry yeast in all my bread. I use instant yeast 1 teaspoon per cup of flour. If a recipe calls for more than 3 cups of flour, 3 teaspoons still use only. It gives me a tall and pretty texture of bread. Sometimes, if the day is warm and wet, I cut back 1/2 teaspoon to prevent over proofing. The cycle of rapid dough single cycle I use in my bread machine. Yeast stored in the refrigerator for longer periods.

3). The most important suggestion or tip! Learning to read your dough. Do not be afraid to open the lid to check how your dough is doing. It should be a good elastic ball. If you think that the dough is too wet, add a tablespoon of flour at a time. The same is true if the dough looks dry and twisted. Add warm water (one tablespoon at a time). If you can not judge your dough by looking, poke your finger in and feel the dough. It should be a little sticky to the touch.

4). Another secret is not always the flour surface on which form the dough (if you have a very sticky dough). Instead, lightly oiled work surface to prevent sticking test. It often happens that one uses too much flour on the work surface and the dough will rise, do not take more flour, excess flour used in the working surface of a hardened bread. I lightly spray at one point and use your hands to spread to the entire working surface. It’s a safe bet that greased work surface will produce amazing muffins and loaves of bread.

On the surface of the oil, you can either use oil or nonstick cooking spray. If desired, flavored oils may also be used, provided that they are compatible with the bread. Nonstick cooking spray should be used with caution, since it is easy to spray evenly.

5). I kneaded the dough just a little bit in the spray and form into an oval surface, cover with plastic wrap or a cotton towel and leave for 10 minutes. This is an important step to rest the dough after turning out for bread. This is called “benching” and allows the dough to rest, which is easier to handle and form.

The type and size of plastic wrap or a towel used to cover the weight is also important. Make sure it is large enough to cover the whole of its dough or have a way to “crust” and the dough will no longer rise. Use a cotton towel with a smooth surface. Do not use terry towel (it will stick to the dough and flatten the bread). The consequence is that even worse, you may end up with bread, sprinkled with pieces of terry loops.

6). Handle the dough gently. Over molding can cause breaking of the surface and will result in the bread less. After a rest, turn the lower part of the dough and press to flatten. Then fold the dough into desired. Place on a baking sheet> or jelly roll pan, sprinkle with cornmeal or silicone baking mats as nothing sticks to them, and they are washable). Cover and put in a warm place to rise for about 20 minutes. It is often difficult to determine when the mass Grabber was sufficiently increased, so try pushing the dough with your finger (if it will be returned and shy, has increased enough).

If you do not have time to bake the bread, allowing the dough to pass through the first ascent, and then form a dough and place in the refrigerator. The cold from the fridge the growth of yeast is enough to give 24 hours of respite will be slowed down. Before baking, the dough even at room temperature (about one to two hours) before baking.

7). Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (is the temperature that I use in a conventional oven for most of my loaves). After getting up, cut the bread with a sharp knife, razor blade, or a lame(a lame is a sharp blade, that gets under the dough as you cut, giving you just the right shape for exapnsion). Brushing or spraying the top of the bread with cold water (it keeps the wet dough to heat the furnace crust will be formed, thereby allowing the bread to get good “oven output: during the first 5 minutes of baking) and bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until golden brown. (a good check to use a meat thermometer to test the instant bread. Temperature should be between 200 to 210 degrees. I do this all the time).

8). Another secret to give your bakery bread professional looking to use corn starch glaze. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator for use in most types of bread baking.

Cornstarch Glaze:
-1/2 cup cold water
-1 teaspoon cornstarch

In a small saucepan, with a small whisk, stir together water and cornstarch. Heat mixture to a gentle boil. Stir, reduce heat, until mixture thickens and is translucent. Cool. Brush on loaf about 10 minutes before baking is finished and again 3 minutes before bread is completely done.

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10 Incredible Benefits Of Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is the green pigment that is necessary for photosynthesis. Research also shows that is important for health promotion. The following 10 Benefits to demonstrate its incredible versatility and power.

10 Incredible benefits of chlorophyll.jpg

1). Help Control Hunger And Cravings

A study published in September 2013, it was determined that compounds containing chlorophyll may help suppress hunger. Twenty women were moderately overweight test meals on three separate occasions one week apart- two meals with chlorophyll, one without. They reported a reduced hunger following the meals containing chlorophyll and blood tests showed the blood sugar levels stable. These results suggest chlorophyll should be seen as an effective way to manage hunger and promote weight loss.

2). Control Body Odor

Chlorophyll is good for your body from the inside out, literally. It includes a body and fecal odors. When tested in a nursing home with 62 patients, one study reported improved odor emanating from the test subjects. In addition to reducing the odor, but also relieves constipation and gas.

3). Encourages Healing

The use of chlorophyll to promote the healing process was first reported almost 100 years ago. In a report published at the University Butler (in 1950!) Discuss the use to improve healing time. A more recent study showed that when used as an aerosol, chlorophyll significantly helped in the treatment of wounds. The study clearly supports its efficacy in this area.

4). Promote Cleansing

Environmental pollutants, such as toxic metals can quickly destroy health. Chlorophyll binds to toxic metals to prevent assimilation, and studies have shown that it can do the same with some carcinogens. Cross with four volunteers to test the ability of chlorophyll to eliminate aflatoxins study ingested, a known carcinogen. Each volunteer received three servings of aflatoxin, and then with the meal, the latter two include chlorophyll tablet. Results showed rapid clearance pumped with 95% for 24 hours.

5). Protects DNA Against Fried Foods

Fried foods are not only bad for your waist, but also contain chemicals that affect colonic tissue and DNA of the cells in the colon. In one study, participants who ate fried foods coupled with protective foods, including chlorophyll, are observed to have less DNA damage in the cells of the colon. It did not take that as soon as the call to go crazy with fried food, the best idea is to avoid it altogether.

6). Super Potent Antioxidant Action

State of chlorophyll as a super food because of its nutritious and powerful antioxidant properties. It protects cells from oxidative damage by eliminating free radicals. Known for his high levels of chlorophyll, Conyza triloba, showed very active superoxide scavenging beaviour. Research in vitro found an opportunity to reduce the free radical while reducing cell damage.

7). Promising Potential For Cancer Therapy

Although research does not currently show that chlorophyll is an all out cancer cure, the researchers excited about its potential as a therapy. In a study of men with low levels of chlorophyll, they are in the diet had a higher risk of developing colon cancer. In another study, it has been found to effectively stimulate liver detoxification enzymes may protect against other carcinogens.

8). Effective Against Candida Albicans

Candida infection is a serious problem for many people and can lead to fatigue, depression and digestive problems; just to name a few. Studies have shown that isolated solutions chlorophyll to stop the growth of Candida Albicans.

9). Relieves Systemic Redness and Swelling

Traditional medicine has long used green leaves for infection. With modern approaches, which have efficiency and a long list of limited side effects, natural remedies get a different look. Animal studies have shown that green leaves help to reduce swelling and redness!

10). Promotes Healthy Iron Levels

A modified form of chlorophyll, known as chlorophyllin can be very effective for anemia. By swapping iron in the center of magnesium molecule, it provides a bioavailable form iron body can use. While scientists can look for ways to develop patentable medicines, no one needs to wait to take chlorophyll to get their benefits.

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8 B2B Companies Owing Social Media Marketing On Instagram

Social media marketing is making waves in the world of B2B and Instagram is the leading group. First, about 42% of B2B researchers rely on information from their mobile devices during the purchasing process, which makes Instagram (a powerful platform for visual storytelling with more than 400 million monthly active users and counting), an increasingly important part of B2B marketing strategies.

8 b2b company owing social media marketing on instagram

Instagram is an excellent platform for Myanmar B2B businesses to build brand awareness and participate in the brand of “storytelling”. Not only that, it is a great tool to encourage the participation of its own staff and give your audience an idea of the culture of your company – a great weapon for the influence of marketing thought leadership. Here are eight B2B companies, which, of course, benefiting from strong social media marketing campaigns on Instagram.


1). American Express

american express

Its broad appeal, it is clear that American Express is an expert when it comes to brand development. Not only have a reputation exclusive – for your convenience amplifiers factor significantly – also reveal a keen appreciation of brand recognition.

His final approach? To distinguish themselves from the competition by capitalizing desire of members to have the experience, not only to buy things scroll through your Instagram feed image becomes more than a well-coordinated spread of images. You will also see the amazing food, a trip to the great outdoors tranquility, concerts and buzzwords like “Explore.”

2). MailChimp


When it comes to the social media marketing campaigns, MailChimp is on it. His strength is well coordinated bright and cheerful colors, and the photos are a combination of brand images, customer stories and glimpses of the inner workings of the company. Good times had by all.

3). IBM


IBM is running a very intelligent marketing campaign over their feed, and no wonder: they better look like smartypantses, or they will be out of work rather quickly. Consequently, they showcase engineers at work and at play, their branded THINKLab, the value of the company and smiling faces.

4). Boeing


Of course, Boeing does not need help with brand awareness. Now we get it: They make great aircraft, and they are good at it. But they have still done an impressive job, referring to its customers and clients with excellent photography and well-coordinated feed.

Plus, it’s fun to note their handle isn’t simply @boeing … It’s @boeinglovers. Once you reach the page, you become part of an elite group who appreciates quality craftsmanship. Here’s how the brand development is done, by making people feel like they are a part of something that really matters.

5). Intel


Here’s another lesson on how intelligence can form a backbone of brand development. Intel, the service of other companies with chips and processors, it can probably be quite dry page. Instead, they have got a colorful feed to show their products in action.

6). Maersk


Maersk feed is an excellent example of what a marketing campaign looks like when they are not much consumer interest in what you are doing. The answer? Combine the color of the head, slap a bunch of images of their class vessels and thread of history of excellence, environmental commitment and social responsibility throughout. Boom. Mission accomplished.

7). General Electric


Here is another company for the history books, is that not really need any help to get brand recognition (GE is riding over a century of success thus far), but actively going after anyway. His approach is impressive, not so much because it works, but because they take an effort to develop a great story with their images. Again, their innovations at work forms is the main part of the page, but the explosions of the past, led amazing quotes and video also play a role.

8). Staples


Several new on the scene Instagram staples, but they are still shaking this year. Take their holiday campaign, which shows content with festive decoration supplies low cost and workload. Office supplies and overall adorableness, abound. The result? The emerging community.

When it comes to business, brand awareness is more, that placing beautiful pictures on your feed. And this is what is particularly impressive in the B2B above accounts. Instead of trying to get attention, they have crafted intentional, involving visual stories that its growing base of customers like to pursue. Improve some of these tricks and you can do the same.

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How To Determine Your B2B Target Market

How To Determine

Having a clear understanding of who your target market will help you to produce better products and offer better services. Focusing on a specific type of business or industry reduces the money you spend on trying to reach a common wider audience. All spectator too many people who deal with a single message. Focusing on the particular identity can be added to the products and features that are useless. Targeting also helps you with things like the expansion to new places and discover how your business can be more competitive in the market.

Review your current customers. Display list of questions and send them to your customers. Let them know that you are in the process of offering better services, more specific to them.

Gathering information about why making a purchasing decision they make. According to, “Primary research involves collecting baseline data on preferences, buying habits, opinions and attitudes of current or potential customers.” Comprehensive market research studies of the commission to give its employees and partners involved in phone calls vendors, competitors, customers and prospects to dig for information.

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Determining how customers can use their product. First, a list of product features. Then next to each notes of what kind of company or executives findings showing useful function. Third, list the benefits of using the product. Next to each function list the type of company that could make use of this advantage.

Make a list of sectors that are the main objectives of its product based on the types of companies that is displayed next to its list of benefits and features.

Determine the annual sales of the company or the size of the types of companies that buy similar products. Publicly traded companies publish this information because the investor on their websites. For private companies, to assess annual sales figures by averaging the number of sales of industry research, interviews with suppliers, or any information that the company is willing to give.

Pinpoint their location in the target markets on the map. If you are working on a global scale, to determine the first three countries of your target market originates. Consider the ways climate can impact the buying habits of customers of their client, so it affects your sales of your prospects.

Determine the frequency of purchase of your potential customers, such as seasonally, weekly, monthly or yearly in very large volumes. In the book The Complete Book of business plans, Joseph Covello and Brian Hazelgren recording (p. 102) “You will have to determine whether they are buying now or plan to buy what they are selling, and most importantly, you must determine how much they are currently buying and how much they plan to spend. ”

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Create profiles for the three major types of customers at all levels: small business, medium business and large corporations. Divide each level of the average income, the size of the company, purchasing habits, look to the future and it is important to meet the growth plans of the company.

Report to your development team. Discuss ways to improve our products to attract more of these three companies. Michael Mancini, vice president of data management products on the Nielsen Claritas, said: “The use of data for existing customers to gain profit potential, prioritize acquisition, retention and cross-selling initiatives.”

Customize your approach to marketing materials. Look all previously printed materials, websites, business cards, etc., and ask yourself if the content will appeal to your company profile.

This is not only thing how to determine your B2B target market for myanmar b2b, but if you use with these things that you will be well on your way to success.

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