How To Use Slush Machine?

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Making Slush

Slushies are drinks made with powdered flavoring ice. The key difference between the slushie and other frozen drinks is that never freezes ice cubes or blocks; still so tiny ice crystals. While the majority of producers of alcoholic beverages require users to insert ice cubes on the machine to be crushed, shaved or crushed, slushie machine uses water to create the frozen dough from scratch. Small house slushie machines do not have the ability to freeze the commercial model. Crushed ice must be set to make beverages sources which do not have exactly the same sequence as the ice beverage bought in a store. Water is placed into the machine and turned on to churn. Thirty to 60 minutes is required to make the base mud, depending on the size of the machine and the size of the vessel to hold the finished product.

Maintaining Slush

Most modern trade slushie machines are enclosed in a metal cabinet due to the scope of use they get a customer self-service, but other models storage of frozen drink in a glass or plastic attached to the upper part of the freezing unit. They are usually packed and employees receive less metal models abuse. The machine includes a compressor and a cooling sealing cylinder. Minor amounts of wet sludge accumulated on the side of the cylinder, and the auger removes it so additional slush may be made. Some machines that offer two flavors have double the components.

The mixture was ice beverage is continuously circulated in a storage area, either by a circular auger or a circular plastic mixing paddles to keep the texture of the ice mixture at a temperature which prevents freezing or further melting. Thermostat on the front or side of the device allows the temperature can be adjusted for the ideal combination. Outdoor air temperature and humidity affect the performance of the machine. While fresh mud is recommended every day, some initial mixture has been maintained for several days and keep the car passes through the closed hours.

Adding Flavoring

At the beginning of manual control crushed ice, whereupon flavor syrup was added as a machine operator drink placed in a glass or paper cup. Modern machines are added syrup (usually with neon color additives) for the ice machine, so that it dispenses in the ready-to-drink form. Mixing the syrup is measured into a mixing vat (or bottle) and a predetermined amount of water is added. It is shaken to mix the two liquids, and then the mixture was poured into a hole in the back or the top of the machine. The fluid is taken into the cooling cylinder and ice formation starts. Modern machines vend the mixture from an opening on front of the machine operated by the valve.If you want to buy and view details of slush machine, you can visit at, which is myanmar B2B e-commerce platform.

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