8 B2B Companies Owing Social Media Marketing On Instagram

Social media marketing is making waves in the world of B2B and Instagram is the leading group. First, about 42% of B2B researchers rely on information from their mobile devices during the purchasing process, which makes Instagram (a powerful platform for visual storytelling with more than 400 million monthly active users and counting), an increasingly important part of B2B marketing strategies.

8 b2b company owing social media marketing on instagram

Instagram is an excellent platform for Myanmar B2B businesses to build brand awareness and participate in the brand of “storytelling”. Not only that, it is a great tool to encourage the participation of its own staff and give your audience an idea of the culture of your company – a great weapon for the influence of marketing thought leadership. Here are eight B2B companies, which, of course, benefiting from strong social media marketing campaigns on Instagram.


1). American Express

american express

Its broad appeal, it is clear that American Express is an expert when it comes to brand development. Not only have a reputation exclusive – for your convenience amplifiers factor significantly – also reveal a keen appreciation of brand recognition.

His final approach? To distinguish themselves from the competition by capitalizing desire of members to have the experience, not only to buy things scroll through your Instagram feed image becomes more than a well-coordinated spread of images. You will also see the amazing food, a trip to the great outdoors tranquility, concerts and buzzwords like “Explore.”

2). MailChimp


When it comes to the social media marketing campaigns, MailChimp is on it. His strength is well coordinated bright and cheerful colors, and the photos are a combination of brand images, customer stories and glimpses of the inner workings of the company. Good times had by all.

3). IBM


IBM is running a very intelligent marketing campaign over their feed, and no wonder: they better look like smartypantses, or they will be out of work rather quickly. Consequently, they showcase engineers at work and at play, their branded THINKLab, the value of the company and smiling faces.

4). Boeing


Of course, Boeing does not need help with brand awareness. Now we get it: They make great aircraft, and they are good at it. But they have still done an impressive job, referring to its customers and clients with excellent photography and well-coordinated feed.

Plus, it’s fun to note their handle isn’t simply @boeing … It’s @boeinglovers. Once you reach the page, you become part of an elite group who appreciates quality craftsmanship. Here’s how the brand development is done, by making people feel like they are a part of something that really matters.

5). Intel


Here’s another lesson on how intelligence can form a backbone of brand development. Intel, the service of other companies with chips and processors, it can probably be quite dry page. Instead, they have got a colorful feed to show their products in action.

6). Maersk


Maersk feed is an excellent example of what a marketing campaign looks like when they are not much consumer interest in what you are doing. The answer? Combine the color of the head, slap a bunch of images of their class vessels and thread of history of excellence, environmental commitment and social responsibility throughout. Boom. Mission accomplished.

7). General Electric


Here is another company for the history books, is that not really need any help to get brand recognition (GE is riding over a century of success thus far), but actively going after anyway. His approach is impressive, not so much because it works, but because they take an effort to develop a great story with their images. Again, their innovations at work forms is the main part of the page, but the explosions of the past, led amazing quotes and video also play a role.

8). Staples


Several new on the scene Instagram staples, but they are still shaking this year. Take their holiday campaign, which shows content with festive decoration supplies low cost and workload. Office supplies and overall adorableness, abound. The result? The emerging community.

When it comes to business, brand awareness is more, that placing beautiful pictures on your feed. And this is what is particularly impressive in the B2B above accounts. Instead of trying to get attention, they have crafted intentional, involving visual stories that its growing base of customers like to pursue. Improve some of these tricks and you can do the same.

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