Definition of B2B E-Business Model


B2B model of electronic business (e-business) refers to e-commerce that takes place between the companies. Business-to-business demand for operations, ranging from retailers to wholesalers, ordering companies purchasing services such as Internet access and web design.


According to Vanderbilt University, the aim of the B2B e-business model is to improve the company’s supply chain. B2B e-business model to increase the efficiency of the supply chain by creating a more diverse market and reducing trade costs. E-business can reduce business costs, reducing the need to travel and reducing the number of employees needed to staff.

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By reducing the cost of business transactions between the companies, companies can afford to lower prices for customers. In addition, the models B2B e-business models create new opportunities for small businesses, reduce financial barriers to business.


The businessperson may consider the use of e-hubs, web sites, which brings buyers and sellers, for business-to-business transactions, as electronic hubs help to keep a simple electronic business. According to the article, “B2B business models”, written by Dr. Ruth A. Wienclaw of EBSCO Publishing, e-hubs is simplified by providing product descriptions B2B transactions and make credit control and make assessment easier.

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